Here at Secrets of the Norse we explore the Norse myths from the stars above and to the depths of our past to unlock the ancient secrets and the timeless wisdom that they hold.

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Odin Hanging on the World Tree by Emile Doepler & Arthur Koopmans

Odin’s Sacrifice is a Myth Written in the Stars

In this series, we explore the myth of Odin’s hanging on the World Tree and the hidden celestial basis behind it.

First, we look at Star Myth researcher David Mathisen‘s interpretation of Odin’s hanging, and then we will dig deeper to uncover the secrets of the runes.

Stargazing at the Milky Way band
Photo by the ESO

Cosmic Catastrophe

comets and cosmic impacts in the Norse Myths

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Welcome to Secrets of the Norse

Explore the Norse Myths

Our distant past is shrouded in mystery.

Where do the words come from that we speak?

Were our ancestors already singing songs before being able to utter words? 

When did the gods enter their lives, and when did they start developing these stories that came down to us in the form of mythology, legends and folklore?

How many thousands of years back in time do these intriguing stories go, and why are they so full of riddles to the modern mind?

Explore the Norse Myths

Norse mythology is one of the many traditions that has been kept alive by telling stories from mouth to mouth before they were written down. Each one of these traditions has a slightly different way of explaining our origins and the ultimate fate that awaits us all. Norse mythology provides its own unique northern flavor, coming from lands of mist and ice, rugged mountains, dense black forests, rolling green plains and stormy seas.

the Milky Way Band

What has been handed down to us is a vast memory system containing knowledge of all kinds. Through a language of symbols, this system provides clear allusions to ancient knowledge about the shifting of the stars and constellations over large spans of time. It teaches us about the power of song, poetry and writing, and about the cycles of nature and human civilization. These myths speak of great wonders and of great catastrophe, but we can also relate to them on a personal level.

Here, at the Secrets of the Norse, we will make an effort at deciphering many of these riddles in order to see what knowledge is hidden in them. You can keep up to date with the latest developments and explore the Norse Myths at The Secrets of the Norse Blog.