Arthur Koopmans - Secrets of the Norse
The author, Arthur Koopmans

Welcome to Secrets of the Norse. My name is Arthur Koopmans, and I’ve had a lifelong interest in learning about the mysteries of the past, and the workings of nature and human civilization.

I’ve learned that the world is a much stranger and more fascinating place than I could have imagined. Maverick researchers have cracked open established theories, pioneering the way for a new understanding of mythology and the ancient past.

Who knew that the ancient myths were written in the stars and constellations?

Wo knew that our ancestors lived through episodes of cosmic bombardment, resetting whatever cultures or civilizations existed before?

We are living in a cosmic environment that is more dynamic than we have been led to believe. The cyclical nature of the destruction and creation of the world in the Norse Ragnarök myth is a testimony to that.

Because the world is such a vast place, filled with myths and histories of a myriad different cultures, I have made it my goal to focus on uncovering the secrets of Norse mythology in particular. The Norse myths also come closest to an understanding of the region of Northern Europe, where I grew up in.

My goal is to revive the Norse myths, and challenge the reader to see these ancient stories in a new light. A large part of this new view of the myths is really a re-discovery of the teachings of the ancients, combined with the latest scientific breakthroughs.

By truly understanding what inspired the creators of the ancient myths, we can bring the myths back to life, and use this wisdom to gain a better understanding of our place in the larger cosmic ennvironment.

If we truly want to understand the Norse myths, we have to look outside of the Norse literature alone. There’s a whole world out there, filled with ancient mystery.

Join this quest of discovery and pioneering of the Norse myths, here at Secrets of the Norse…